How do I sync?

Answer: First, plug in the USB cable to the PC. Then, make sure Android PC Sync is open on the computer. Open the Android PC Sync app & tap on Synchronize there. The sync will update on the device first, then on the PC and finally will finish on the device.


How do I choose what account to sync with on the device?

Answer: You can configure Android PC Sync by opening the application, then tapping on Settings. Under Contact Account & Calendar Account, choose the account type you want to sync with.


I can’t start the sync on the PC – what’s happening?

Answer: The sync must be started from the device – first plug in the USB cable, then open the Android PC sync on the computer – and finally tap on the device to start the sync.


Nothing happens when I press Synchronize in Android PC Sync. What’s wrong?

Answer: If the device doesn’t connect to the computer correctly, the sync won’t run. Try checking these things:

  • Double check our Synchronization Steps
  • Reboot your device and the computer, then reconnect
  • Try a different USB port, or a different USB cable
  • If you still do not see the synchronization starting, please see our advanced troubleshooting


The sync looks like it worked – but records from the device did not transfer to Outlook.

Answer: Check the account settings in Android PC sync:

  • Confirm what account the records are saved under by opening a record in the Android contact or calendar app. The record should have an icon or show an account name like Phone, My Calendar, or Google/Gmail.
  • Open the Android PC Sync app and tap on Settings
  • Under Contact Account, what account is selected? The same account your contact or calendar records are saved under must be selected here.
  • To resynchronize, open Android PC Sync on the computer and click on Options > Reread Android data.


The sync looks like it worked – but records from Outlook did not transfer to the device.

Answer: Check the display settings in the Android applications:

  • Open the Android contacts application > Tap on Menu > Contacts to Display. Make sure All Contacts are set to display
  • Open the Android calendar application > Tap on Menu and/or Calendars. Make sure all calendars are set to display.
Note: These directions may differ depending on your version of Android & manufacturer – but all Android applications have a Display setting. In general, make sure this is set to show all the accounts.


What is manual mode? Should I use it?

Answer: Android PC Sync works using the MTP mode on your device. If your device is older (example: runs Android OS 2.3) you may not have MTP mode - in this case, you should check “Manual Sync” under Settings.

To sync, follow these directions:

  1. Please close Android PC Sync
  2. Connect a USB cable and turn on USB storage
  3. After the PC sync completes, disconnect the USB cable & reopen Android PC Sync
Note: If the regular USB sync fails 3 times, Manual Sync mode will turn on automatically


I don’t want to sync via USB. How do I sync wirelessly/via WiFi?

Answer: Android PC Sync only supports USB synchronization – but we have teamed up with CompanionLink Software for more synchronization options.